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I'm Matt.

I've been playing this mod for almost a decade (the only reason I bought my first PC btw), since long before I gone into game development. Now that I have, I thought it would be appropriate to ask if I could contribute!

I'm a 3D artist, specialising in Unreal Engine, Unity, Maya, Quixel Suite, Substance, Mudbox. I have no experience with Source, so I hope that's not a deal breaker.

I'm a recent game design graduate, now in the process of creating a startup game company. While I'm working full-time, I have a flexible schedule with plenty of free-time to contribute where I can.


Goldfinger Q-Branch
I created this scene alone with Unreal Engine. It's a re-creation of Q's Lab from Goldfinger. I made this after the Goldeneye source 5.0 update was released and was heavily influenced by it. I think it's fair to say this is my attempt at an art test for this project.

King Of The Castle
I created all the in-game assets, with only illustrations and animations being contributed by other team members.
Created with Unreal Engine

I have more work available to show if required.
Let me know if there are any positions available, I'd love to contribute to the project any way I can!

My email is:


Hi there Matt

What you have shown here is very promising, if there's any further stuff you'd like to show us please feel free to add it.

We'll get back to you as soon as we can after discussing with the team internally.  :)

Before we proceed we're interested to know what you feel your strengths and interests are and the kinds of things you like to make.


--- Quote from: Mangley on May 31, 2018, 09:14:05 am ---Before we proceed we're interested to know what you feel your strengths and interests are and the kinds of things you like to make.

--- End quote ---

Most of my experience lies in creating props and filling a games asset library. I don't have too much experience creating original materials (e.g. substance source materials), however, I'm very efficient in baking/drawing normals and texturing individual assets.

I'd say I mostly specialize in hard surface modeling, creating props and environmental assets. While my experience largely lies with Unity and unreal, I've been trying to learn technical art skills, optimizing poly counts, shader complexities, and real-time rendering techniques.

In terms of contributing, I feel like I would work best acting as a sort of team contractor (i.e. working through an asset list), I'm working creatively on another project, hence I feel I can guarantee more work if I have a list to burn through. I'd love to discuss further on how I could contribute, I'm only concerned about engine implementation and the art workflow as I've never developed for Source, hence hopefully I could consult the team on this.

here's a link to my website, sorry I forgot to post it:

Let me know if you need further info! Sorry for the late reply, I'll try and keep a closer eye on the forums.

Hey there, sorry for the delay. We're interested in having you on the team and are ready give you a trial to join the development team.

You will shortly be given access to the trial section of the forums, once you have access please start a thread with your name and position in the title and we'll proceed with the process.

Good luck!  :)


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