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Author Topic: Why is KM such a dick?  (Read 16109 times)

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Re: Why is KM such a dick?
« Reply #75 on: July 03, 2012, 05:45:32 pm »

You put all that time and effort and want to get paid!  (don't we all)...first of all, nobody, except for fat, out of shape video game losers with no friends or girls would be so desparate to play GE: Source that they would pay money for an entirely different game in order to get to the one they want to play[/size][/color]

[/size]Someone want to tell this guy I'm in the Military, slightly underweight with friends all over the world and was going to buy half life to play this "found out having both portals worked" lol. I can bet this guy has no life or friends. [/color]
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