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Author Topic: Application for Level Design and Music Production  (Read 5528 times)

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Re: Application for Level Design and Music Production
« Reply #15 on: March 02, 2010, 09:00:28 am »

I would like to point out that while your criticism is correct and I totally agree, most of the projects there are old and outdated only posted because its all I have to offer and I have since then improved my skills but have not submitted any projects to FPSB in some time and I assure you any issues I may still have can be worked out quite fast seeing as how level design is not just a hobby but a passion of mine and I wish to improve it any way possible which is a reason why I want to help anyway I can with this project.

Also I would like add that the best way to get a look at my work is by downloading the map and looking at it in-game mainly because I don't put much effort into my screen shots. I would like to post a link to the unfinished L4D Campaign that I made with a friend of mine to give a view as to my single player level design work aswell.

Also as for your comments on gg_crackoffice_final_awp that is the first map I ever created with Hammer or the source engine for that matter.
I know this will come off pretty douchey, but it's hopefully good advice anyway: get a little more professional in this area. Walk and free-look around your maps and take screenshots that look good. Take care with what's in the frame to not leave big dead areas or anything unsightly. Take these shots with screenshot instead of jpeg, get them into an image editor, crop them, tweak the contrast and color if you need to, resize as needed, then save as a high-quality JPEG. Forget about any maps that don't show your best work; just leave them out. Write half a paragraph for each map, just enough to explain what it is. Then find somewhere to put it that's fairly unrestricted, like here or similar, or even better get a domain name and some basic hosting (a lot of registars give you some free hosting with a domain, or vice-versa). I've got some hosting that I plan to keep for at least another year if you want to use that.

Would you be available to mentor me, or at least point me to a site that I can post my work and get proper critiquing and advice because I really want to improve my level design I want to hopefully make a profession out of it in the future.
Interlopers is probably your best bet that I know of. If you want to send me some work I'll take a look at it, but you'll be best served any way by getting several opinions. I'm not aware of much in the way of mentoring to be had out there. If you get onto a mod, I wouldn't hope for a lot more than some support in the form of playtesting, models, textures, and direction. I doubt if there's anyone who will show you the ropes as far as mapping goes. Look for personal sites/blogs of mappers that have done some good work and written something about their processes. Information out there is pretty patchwork. IMO Dave Johnston's blog has some good stuff.

I don't want to get any further off-topic here though; this is already well beyond what belongs in this forum.
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