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Title: Issue with using controller/right stick
Post by: Aaronmv94 on August 22, 2016, 03:06:12 pm
i have been using a PS3 wired controller, everything works fine except the right analog stick is all backwards, not inverted. when i try to look left or right it looks up or down and if i try to look up or down it looks left and right. i have tried this with 2 different ps3 wired controllers and a desktop and a laptop, i get the same issue on both. can anyone tell me how to fix this? can't find any options for right analog axis control. using inverted just inverts the controls and still gives the same original problem. i can't find anything to help and have spent hours trying to fix it. is there a developer console command? is the programming messed up and just not fixed yet? or am i overlooking something completely?
Title: Re: Issue with using controller/right stick
Post by: markpeterjameslegg on August 22, 2016, 10:51:08 pm
The Source Engine's controller support never felt right to me. I use something called "AntiMicro" which is an open source keyboard/mouse mapper, but it's features and simplicity easily rival the paid apps available on the internet. I actually have a paid for version of Pinnacle Profiler, but I prefer Antimicro for it's natural feel when playing games. Here's the link:-

Download the "Portable" version if you don't wish to install. All you need to setup is the control sticks, you can set your controller buttons in Goldeneye Source. I have spent a long time creating the best, most natural feel for my controller and have taken some screenshots of my right stick settings as a guide for you:-


This is the main menu, as you can see, I have set a controller button as MouseLB, this is so I don't have to use the mouse on the menu's. Also, I have set START button as Escape, again to make menu navigation possible on the controller.

Once you have set those two buttons, click on "L Stick" and set the left stick to "WSAD" for the keyboard, adjust any sensitivity settings to your personal feel on this one, I left them at default.

Now the Right stick...


These are my settings, You may wish to tweak them to your personal preference.

Once your done here, click on "Mouse Settings"...


Set your settings as you see above.

FINALLY... You will need to set your mouse speed in Goldeneye Source menu quite high, Anywhere between 6-8.0 depending on what feels good to you. I found that this balance of low in AntiMicro, and high in GE:S to feel really smooth.

IMPORTANT. Make sure you have controller unticked under Goldeneye Source Mouse Settings menu.

I hope this helps, any questions just ask.