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Author Topic: GES Update 06/03/07  (Read 3995 times)

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GES Update 06/03/07
« on: June 24, 2007, 06:30:47 am »

Well it seams Sean has gone awol because I'm yet to hear from him this week end (maybe the BSS is on to him). So I'm gonna attempt my best English skills and produce a update.

Well the last couple of weeks have been busy for the mod crew. We have had all kinds of drama with members fly across America, others leaving for personal reasons and my car back window being smashed. But besides that it has been quite a productive week. If you haven't all ready found out we recently have had applications for beta testers and I'm pleased to announce the five Australian Testers:


And the USA group:
Sergeant Kelly

They are here to help us make the mod bug free and avoid a repeat of the last beta. Sorry to all those who did not make the cut. But dont worry because we now have a list of whos interested and if we need more people in the future you will be called upon.

Not much else has happened this week or should I say not much I can disclose. So I have to end this sort update here. I'm sure when the search teams report back on Sean he will add to this.

Mark [Lodle]
/Sean "Baron" Stock
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