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Title: [BUG] AI can't detonate Remote Mines
Post by: GamerXYZ on October 27, 2018, 06:06:19 pm
AI will never use Remote Mines. For instance if Remote Mines are the only weapon available, they will exclusively use Slappers. If you mod the game so that no one starts with Slappers, then they will throw Remote Mines, but won't detonate them (their inability to do so probably being the reason why they never use them if they have something else).

Certainly don't want them to be able to look through walls and detonate their mines at the right time always, but it would be nice if they at least detonated their mines at random intervals.
Title: Re: [BUG] AI can't detonate Remote Mines
Post by: Entropy-Soldier on October 28, 2018, 09:58:36 am
This could potentially be done, but I feel it's best to just keep the bots away from mines when possible.  More often than not they just kill themselves, so they're better off using pretty much any other weapon.  If at some point in time we manage to get them working online I'll try to fix up their non-hitscan weapon usage, but for now I feel they're better off just not using remote mines at all.

Either way, good job noticing that they avoid using remote mines!  It certainly takes some effort to prove.  Just for you I'll try to set it up so that if they ever do get forced into using the remote mines they actually detonate them when they run out, Perfect Dark style.
Title: Re: [BUG] AI can't detonate Remote Mines
Post by: GamerXYZ on October 28, 2018, 11:25:39 am
The reason I discovered it was due to a custom Arsenal weaponlist making use of all 5 weapons unused in the other Arsenal weaponlists (Mines, Silenced PP7, and Sniper). It was pretty noticable when after all the Proximity Mine kills (lvl 1) there were suddenly a lot of Slappers kills and 0 Remote Mine kills (lvl 2). Some changes in the Arsenal Python file to fix this "unwanted" behavior by disabling Slappers then revealed the real problem.

Unfortunately the infinite ammo in Arsenal would also mean detonation at 0 ammo wouldn't work. But since it's currently intended behavior I understand if for the unforseeable future it remains like this. Thanks for still trying to look into it though! :)