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Title: Excellent mod
Post by: Bashe on December 15, 2010, 05:52:19 pm
I've been playing the mod since July 2009, when it was in beta 3.1, and I have to say it - this mod is superb. The nostalgic feelings it brought me when I first played it were incredible, and a lot of great work has gone into it. The team has some real nice people and I've met tons and tons of awesome folks while playing this mod, which I am extremely grateful for, and it's easily one of my favorite online games. I enjoy the simplicity of Goldeneye but on an online environment, and everyone involved has done an excellent job recreating everything.

There are some rough spots, yes, but most have been acknowledged and are being worked on, or are not the fault of the mod itself. Other than that, it's a perfect Goldeneye experience for the internet gamer. I'm definitely glad this mod has started to get some recognition and I'm looking forward to playing it for time to come. It's been a blast since day one and I hope it continues to be.

Thanks everyone! See you ingame!