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Huh, alright, kind of surprising we haven't met yet then.  I guess I really need to get in-game more, I haven't been as active in the community as I used to be.

Anyway, some members of the team have expressed interest in seeing your TF2 maps you mention on your resume.  Are you comfortable showing these off?  If they're super old and don't reflect your current skills I completely understand, but if you're alright with it we'd love to see them.

Ah haha yeah versions of my old resume are still popping up for some people when they view my portfolio.

The TF2 maps are super old and from...6 years ago I want to say? I don't even think I have them any more. If that's a deal breaker for you all then I totally understand. Would totally be fine with making something new.

Well, we always do a trial exercise with new applicants anyway, so it's not a problem at all.  You'll get to show us your latest skills and do some work on a project relevant to your interests before joining the team proper.  The initial application on the forums is mostly about gauging your fit with the team and figuring out what tasks we have that you would enjoy working on. 

Some examples of your work in hammer or a similar editor would be helpful for figuring out the specifics of your trial, but is by no means required since that will be a large part of the trial anyway.  Kind of a shame you lost the maps, but the material you've already provided is more than enough to show you're a pretty strong developer.  We're just wrapping up our internal discussion right now and will let you know sometime tomorrow what the next step is.

Our team discussion is done, and everyone is excited to have you on the team, so we're ready to give you a trial!

You've been given access to the trial section of the forums.  This is the jumping off point for your trial, so please make a thread there with your name and position and we'll get everything started.

Good luck!


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