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Latest Release: Alpha 1.10
Released: 25/4/14
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RE: Resurrection Entity

Alpha 1.04 Screenshots
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Mode Description
This mode is based on Mefy's popular MOHAA Freeze Tag mode.

It's a team play elimination mode in which players can resurrect their eliminated team mates.

Version Change History
Alpha 1.10
1. Players can now resurrect their team mates by firing an infinite range resurrection beam at their side's resurrection entities.
2. Players can now resurrect multiple team mates simultaneously.
3. This mode now has an appropriate score system: player round scores no longer affect their team's match score so now the only way to score match points is by wining rounds by eliminating all the members of the opposing team.
4. Resurrection entities will now spawn at player death locations, except when players are killed on ladders or by falling off maps.
5. Players are no longer allowed to spawn after joining a team when there's eliminated players, they will instead be eliminated so they won't spawn until a team mate resurrects them or a new round begins.
6. Players can now increase their round scores by resurrecting team mates. Kills and resurrections are each worth 1 point.
7. When friendly fire is enabled players will now be able to eliminate their team mates: I've decided to allow this because allowing team mate kill victims to respawn allows them to respawn with full health. So a player could prevent a team mate from being eliminated by killing them when they have low health so that they can respawn with full health.
8. Server owners can now change the duration of resurrections by using this new CVAR: dad_resTime
9. Now when players are resurrected the radar icon for the used RE will become a "Run" icon and will be highlighted yellow for a few seconds showing opposing players where the RE was used. The display duration of this "used RE" radar icon can be changed with this new CVAR: dad_usedRELocationRevealTime
10. Elimination and resurrection announcement messages are now coloured blue and red for the different teams.
11. The triangle objective icons above resurrection entities now become yellow when they are being used.
12. This mode's translations are now included in the GoldenEye:Source language files.

Alpha 1.04
1. Added Spanish translation.
2. Added Italian translation.
3. Added Polish translation.
4. Pulsating rings now appear beneath active REs.
5. Players will no longer have to wait behind bots in their side's resurrection queue.
6. MI6 and Janus survivor counts are now displayed on eliminated players' screens.
7. MI6 and Janus survivor counts are now displayed on spectators' screens.
8. A permanent HUD message now tells eliminated players what their resurrection queue position is.

Alpha 1.03
1. Added German Translation.
2. Added French Translation.
3.  The chat message announcements for eliminations and resurrections now mention the names of the players who have been eliminated and resurrected.
4. These chat message announcements are now printed for bot eliminations and resurrections.

Alpha 1.02
1. Bugs from the previously released beta versions have been fixed.
2. REs are now represented by Kraid's gravestones
3. REs are now represented by a cross icon on the radar.
4. Players who kill themselves will now be eliminated.
5. Players are now shown a resurrection progress bar, instead of a remaining seconds count.
6. The count of survivors on each team will now be displayed from the start of a round, instead of becoming visible when the first elimination has taken place.
7. REs will now only been spawned when there is a free player spawn point. When a RE can't be spawned it will be added to a queue and spawned when a spawned RE is deleted.
8. The resurrection timer code is now simpler and better than it was in the previous versions.

I'll test it out for you.

1. You don't need to show the popupmessage when a player spawns every time.
2. Use the coordinates Euphonic used in Uplink for the MI6 and Janus players remaining at the top of the screen.  Yours is too close to the top and it's off centered.

I'll download it and give it a test.

HUD Messages will hopefully be getting some tweaks in a future release to fix kerning problems (KM and I were talking about this just this morning), but for now the coordinates in Uplink probably are the best positions as Troy said.

I forgot to include the configuration file in the beta 1.00 zip when I uploaded it at 3 am this morning my time, I've now added it to the zip.

This configuration file has one command which will prevent enemies from appearing on players' radars. IMO this mode is a lot more enjoyable when players have to hunt down and kill their losing enemies before their enemies can resurrect enough team mates to fight back.

--- Quote from: Troy on November 24, 2012, 04:33:02 pm ---1. You don't need to show the popupmessage when a player spawns every time.
2. Use the coordinates Euphonic used in Uplink for the MI6 and Janus players remaining at the top of the screen.  Yours is too close to the top and it's off centered.

--- End quote ---

Thanks Troy and Euphonic for helping me test this, I will make the improvements suggested by Troy.


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