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Author Topic: N64 gasp hit sounds  (Read 4394 times)

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N64 gasp hit sounds
« on: December 29, 2016, 09:53:19 am »

bunch of files to add variety to your current game. Will make enemy players online make gasping noises from the Original n64 game in multiplayer and single player to further add nostalgia to the atmosphere Goldeneye Source portrays. May upload more files later with a selection of Perfect Dark weapon sounds and Music From Perfect Dark, Goldeneye, & Timesplitters.

These sounds files will also help you determine where and what you are hitting when in a fire fight against another player. The game already has its hit detection but the sounds are so drastic and aren't that different from one another that it can be difficult in deciding if you should be aggressive or retreat. Plus they are just impact noises which is dull and isn't Goldeneye.

I come from Quake Live and it has both hit sounds and enemy noises. Going from lightning gun to rocket launcher for example has a very distinct difference sound mentally guiding you and your shots. Plus Rocket Launcher has distant damage sounds as well. For example a direct rocket to an enemy player deals out 100 damage and has a deep hit noise to it giving you an idea how much damage you did. The further away the player is from the explosion of the rocket launcher the higher the pitch is. So you always have a sense an idea on what you are doing and if you should be aggressive or not. Quake players also have variations of health noise. Which also gives you an idea on how full or low your enemies HP is.

Which Goldeneye Source also does in the sound of impact. But since again they are not that distinct. This will finally give you a state of mind in how to go and what to do in a fire fight. For me the sounds are annoying and are so drastic I can't tell, players are also really dark where people will specifically use Mayday just so they can hide in any shadow they can.

I'm simply giving more than one way to to mentally display how much HP your enemy players have kinda like in the N64 one except that you can't see their health deplete any more since no screen watching is apparent xD. Where Quake Live has about 3 ways of mentally showing you how much HP some one has kinda like in Overwatch as well Except that you can actually see their health bar above their heads which also give you the decision making on your part to be aggressive or not. Goldeneye Source only has 1 way and it isn't all that great either coming from other games where the distinction is bluntly obvious and the 64 where I hear that classic awesome gasp of the enemy.

There will be different Folders of Different sounds simply copy and paste and see which one out of the 6 folders suits you best! I have also included the original sound files just in case you mess something up or don't like any of the other 5 folders.

The folder on where these sound files are located is Steam\steamapps\sourcemods\gesource\sound\player. Simply download the folders and inside them copy and replace the ones already in the player folder. Again the original sound files are in the link below to. So if you forget to make a backup or just don't like them you don't have to worry about anything because I made the backup for you. A new Gameover song is included as well for when the round and match ends. Also there will be playerhitotherhead_****** files to. These are simply extra because some may want the original headshot sound or maybe the less drastic one being just playerhitother.

There is also a new playerkillother sound which will keep the ding sound when you kill another player but will also have the choking that the enemies have in perfect dark. And finally a new death sound for when you die, I like the death sound since it is from the original game on the N64. But it to has been edited to make another death sound from Perfect Dark where when a player kills you, you will then say "aaaahhhughhh .... why .. me?". I may end up combining this deathsound with the song that it makes from goldeneye when you die so that you can have both the Goldeneye Death Sound and a Perfect Dark Death Sound. Like how the playerkillother sound is.,9p0aqepb3hsa4,tg7mbs435jp3u,3bojpi0fcxp00,p5961m4tes4ym,0jgmg9lm80pgp/shared
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Re: N64 gasp hit sounds
« Reply #1 on: December 31, 2016, 12:02:17 pm »

Check this out:



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Re: N64 gasp hit sounds
« Reply #2 on: January 27, 2017, 01:13:52 pm »

thanks for the content!  I've compressed to a .7zip in-case anyone didn't have a mediafire premium account.
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