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Title: [ISSUE] srcds 2007 doesn't run anymore on recent Linux distro like Ubuntu Cosmic
Post by: illwieckz on October 22, 2018, 09:31:43 am
Hi, I’m hosting a GE:S server since years now. Some days ago I upgraded the Ubuntu distro on my server and now srcds is unable to run. I bumped from zesty to cosmic so I don't know if the issue occurs with artful or bionic, but then I write this topic to warn you before uprading !

Event the export MALLOC_CHECK_=0 trick does not work! Even the qemu trick that was able to save the life of srcds 2006 ( is not able to help!

So currently my GE:S server is down, and it may be useful to warn people before they upgrade themselves.

This is the useless error message I get: free(): invalid pointer

We already know that srcds is filled with memory issues but that time I haven't found any workaround, yet.