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Just wanted to drop in and say hello!

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Jeron [SharpSh00tah]:
Hello to my long lost brothers and sisters!

Just had to drop in and say hey!

I hope everyone is doing well, and I LOVE the fact this game is still going strong!

I miss the development days for sure :( but I was just talking to someone about this, and that conversation made me have to come back and pop my head in

See you all around!

I saw the release of Source 2 with CS2 and immediately thought about this mod. Also glad to see it's going strong. Hope everyone has been doing well over the years

I think it's been more slow moving in the past few years. But I also love to see the community forum presence going on. Getting toward 18 years, for anyone following along  :o


--- Quote from: Jeron [SharpSh00tah] on March 31, 2023, 06:42:17 pm ---Just had to drop in and say hey!

--- End quote ---
Hey Jeron.

It's good to see everyone here from time to time. I hope all is well!


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