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Jet Force Gemini OST on Vinyl!!


L. Spiro:
I used to post my HD restorations of GoldenEye 007 and Perfect Dark here, and since then I%u2019ve done over 10,000 restores and refined my tools, process, and accuracy.
You can find those here if interested:
Sadly, the GoldenEye 007 upload there now still has some balance issues; it turns out that the original music data I had contained some errors, but I%u2019ve gotten that corrected and a final accurate version should be up soonish; I%u2019m quite close to getting so accurate that I can even use the exact reverb routines in these games, so I%u2019m debating holding off on a corrected GoldenEye 007 until I get that level of detail finished.

But today I have a different item to share.

I worked with Robin Beanland on this vinyl record of the Jet Force Gemini OST!

Look at that amazing cover art by Rebecca Ryan!  Wow!!

I have a final version and a beta press.

Only 3 beta presses exist, making it one of the%u2026Rare-est%u2026vinyls in existence!

This was actually recorded last year and was supposed to be out in time for the holidays of 2020, but it seems there was some kind of pandemic or something?  Who knows; pasty white nerds such as myself don%u2019t go outside%u2014that%u2019s where that bright thing in the sky that burns our eyes lives.  So I have been sitting quietly on this for over a year.
Unfortunately, that%u2019s going to be the same story for the other 3 official restores I will be sharing hopefully this decade.  But oh well%u2014for now let%u2019s just enjoy Jet Force Gemini in HD%u2026on vinyl!

L. Spiro


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