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I think I am doing something wrong Linux Server


Hi there. I used to run a GEserver on a linux cloud compute instance years ago and it was a lot of fun. I started playing again recently and thought I might try again

Been using the install guide here -

And I keep destroying instances and re-spinning new servers and trying again to see if I missed something. I cannot seem to get the server to launch after doing all the steps exactly.

Basically what is happening is I get to the part where I am finally putting in the command to start the server "sudo systemctl start geserver" and nothing happens. It gives no errors but also does nothing...

I am certain I have done all the steps correctly

OK so the server is running. But it's just not getting listed on the master server list on find servers because it's not VAC secured. How do I achieve this?

OK so I downloaded a config file from discord and put it in the gameserver directory on the linux server and it now pops up as VAC-secured. rcon password is working and I can send commands through game console to the server now.

The only thing left I am having issue with is setting the default game mode when the server starts up (right now I have to pass a command in rcon after the server is running) and I cannot seem to get metamod/sourcemod working yet.

Got help in the discord channels. Everything working now including the map vote popping up. Only thing left now is to set up the part where players can call votes with !rtv !votemode etc in the chats


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