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Graslu's server name or good servers for classic modes


I used to play a lot on the old Graslu's server, the one with the stats website.
I can't find it anymore on the server list. Do you know how it's called today?

The only thing I know is that is dead. That's a shame. :'(

If Graslu hasn't a server anymore, do you know some good servers with emphasis
on classic modes like DM, MWGG or CTF?

Hello there - Graslu took his server offline a while back, however there are still a number of variety and DM servers still out there.

Two good examples that are still active include Entropy Server, which is active in particular every Saturday night from about 9/10 p.m. to 12 or 2 a.m. EST; and the Best of Bond server, which usually has a night or two a week with some regulars playing variety game modes.

There are several others, as well, but they are tougher to pin down - best bet is to stop by the GE:S Discord; usually there are posts there when folks are looking to fill up a server.

Thank you for the answer. I've added Best of Bond to favourites.
However I can't find Entropy Server.

Is Entropy Server the exact name?
I do have a Discord account, but I prefer not to use it
due to ethical concerns on my part.
This forum is my preferred method to hang out with the GE:S community.

Entropy-Server is the exact name, however sometimes the server is down, but it's always up for the weekly community night on Saturdays, 9PM EST (3PM your timezone if I am not mistaken) as CptLima mentionned.

The forums are somewhat deserted nowadays. I myself prefer a forum platform, but most communications are done through Discord now. I'm fairly confident we still will report major updates via the forums, however.


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