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Goldeneye remake in Far Cry 5


The reason I'm posting this in the GE:S forum mainly has to do with YouTuber "Graslu00" getting permission from Yannick Zenhäusern to use his re-orchestrated Goldeneye music in these videos (currently being featured in GE:S), which catalogue a remake of the single-player Goldeneye experience using the Far Cry 5 Arcade Editor. To quote the caption: "My series for this will feature the dynamic soundtrack composed by Yannick Zenhäusern AKA GoldenZen's from the cancelled GoldenEye 25 project... Huge thanks to @Yannick Zenhäusern for letting me use "The Janus Files" soundtrack for this!" I don't have any answers as far as multi-player is concerned, but I haven't researched it because I don't really care... I have GE:S for that, after all.

That said, this project is worth your time to check out, as I was highly entertained even watching it:

IGN (and many others) has also taken note of this project: -

The level design really has some phenomenal detail and creative intros and exits to levels that didn't exist in the original - top-notch work. It's been an enjoyable series to watch for sure, and GoldenZen's Janus Files music edited over it just makes it perfect.


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