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Oculus Quest 2 and Steam VR


My son just recently bought himself an Oculus Quest 2. I was definitely impressed by my demo time on it. I've been looking into it a bit today in terms of how it could apply to GoldenEye: Source. I am pretty sure that half life 2 is available to play in steam vr by what I could decipher from this article Now, not having been able to see any trace of anyone playing GoldenEye: Source in VR but I did find someone playing half life 2 deathmatch in vr I am sitting here wondering if anyone has tried any of this stuff yet or if it was even possible that since in whatever form half life 2 is available on steam Vr if the source mod could be applied to it and played in vr as well? If that were possible I'd be buying the oculus for myself ASAP. Just wanted to see if anyone else knew anything else in regards to this or even just thoughts on the topic.

It's not possible. SDK 2007 have no VR capabilities and that's what GE:S currently uses.


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