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I decided to go hunting for somewhere that I could pay to run a dedicated server.  A site called GTXGaming offered a month for $8 so I figured why not?

Well...  To begin with the server wouldn't run after their automated setup. They stated "the game doesn't appear to be compatible with 2k19 server so we moved you to a 2k17 server" (Whut??) after that it ran BUT

It was running 5.0.0 - so another ticket and 24hours they update me to 5.0.6 (I couldn't do it myself because DLLs are lockedup six ways to sunday - can't see em, can't delete em, can't overwrite em - via web file manager or FTP with filezilla)

No I tried adding Source Mod, and once again I got DLL c*ckblocked...(I had hoped it was a folder thing, but it seems DLLs get nuked on upload, even renaming gets 500 errors)

Seems they have a control panel way of adding server mods for other titles, but nothing for GE:S - so before I once again engage this "Server on training wheels" support system - is there a better option?  Someplace cheap that will just let me be? Or someplace cheap that has, shall we say, more thorough support?

Sadly our long-time host JestServers has closed down, they really were the best. There's NFO but let's just say they have their own problems. And Branzone which has reliably hosted WNx (now Graslu's server) for years, although they don't list GE:S as officially supported so IDK how much trouble it is to set one up through them.

At this point I think about the cheapest and most reliable option, if you're not afraid to get your hands a little dirty with Linux, is a VPS. Our internal test server is a s1-8 instance from OVH for about $16/mo, which is competitive with other providers, and has worked very well. You might be able to get away with a s1-2 or s1-4 instance starting at $3.50 but don't take my word for it. You could always increase the server size if it doesn't perform well.


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