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I'm not totally green, but my last real map making was back in Quake 2.  So, a distant ancestor.

Basically I want to see guidance on how to make a simple box that a player can spawn in.

I made the room, textured it, placed an env_lightglow and an info_player_start - thinking that would be enough for me to see it in game.  No joy, it seems to load to about 80-90% then CTD.  Are there other required entities?  Just asking before I start slamming my head into a wall!  ;D

Since GES is a multiplayer game, you need info_player_deathmatch instead info_player_start.
Info_player_mi6 and info_player_janus are not mandatory, but can be a good idea if you want control over teamspawn locations on team modes.

Ugh...  Imma dope, that was it alright. Thanks!


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