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Obsolete Wolf:
Greetings, my online Name is Obsolete Wolf. As the title states I wish to join the development team or Level design team.
I am not very good with long stuffy applications or forum posts so I will cut straight to what I can do or would like to show.

My current knowledge with mapping in source knowledge is using black mesa engine build or Garry’s mod. My current self-project is trying to recreate 007 NightFire night shift parking lot from the original PC game by eye copying the map into source or in my case gmod/black mesa with custom models and using sounds used in the original games as well as my “remix or modernised nightshift ambie music played during the level” Also was making a black mesa outdoor map that I had scrapped along with aperture maps and other things.

Thank you for reading!

Obsolete Wolf:

Hi Obsolete Wolf!  Thanks for showing an interest in our project and taking the time to apply for the team.

We had a bit of a discussion internally, and I'm sad to report the general consensus was that you wouldn't be the best fit for the team at this time.  Most of the levels left to be completed for GE:S are actually outdoor or mixed environment maps, such as surface and statue park, while 4/5 of the screenshots you've provided are of interior areas.  You have one screenshot of an outdoor area, but there's not a whole lot in it.  There are some good looking props, but the area seems fairly barren overall so it's hard to draw conclusions about your skill with outdoor areas from it.

There were a few differing opinions, but I feel that what you've put forth shows competence with the level design tools.  However, the general feeling was that you would need to provide more ambitious examples of your work before we'd be comfortable giving you a trial.  What you've provided isn't bad, but there were plenty of nitpicks to be had and it's not entirely clear if you can make your own textures/models which is a big plus for our team.

In addition, I feel this was a somewhat barebones application that didn't address all of the general requirements outlined in the application guidelines, Namely:

--- Quote should be very clear as to which position you're applying for, why you want to join the team, and whatever skills you have relevant to your chosen position...
--- End quote ---
You made it clear that writing isn't your strong suite, and that's fine, but there were only three pieces of info explicitly requested and one of them is missing.  This in and of itself didn't instantly disqualify you, but it's a huge plus to show that you've sought out the guidelines and followed them to the best of your ability.  It's also good to be as clear as possible as to what the extent of your experience is; you only gave a vague description of it before listing off some current projects.

If getting onto the GE:S team is a goal you want to work towards, I would say it's not a bad idea to make some custom content for our game.  This would give you a chance to build up your skills and tackle some more GE:S-oriented design challenges while giving you some good work pieces to show off when you apply again.  You can certainly use the tools, and maybe after completing a few bigger projects you'll be ready for another application. 

At that time I'd also recommend investing a bit more time into writing the application itself, as it's the very first exposure we have to you.  First impressions are very important, and it's good to show respect to the project you're applying for by putting your best foot forward and making your application as good as possible.  Even if your desired position has nothing to do with writing, the ability to effectively communicate is important on any team and a well-written application demonstrates that ability.

Thanks again for your interest in the team!  I hope this feedback helps you develop your skills for a possible future application.


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