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The feels like we play Goldeneye N64 but remakes same time


The game is awesome ,you guys did a great job even with the health system example :2 head shot hit =kill ,if he as armor 4 headshot hit= kill its all depend of the weapon damage

But you guys have to try the hit protection use to be in the N64 and firing cancel when you get hit

Example they are 8 life bars : if the player as 8 to 4 bars the protection hit would be 1 second and if player as 3 bars or less the protection hit would be 2 second.

The fire cancel when get hit :example if the player is fire in a RCP90 and get hit ,the fire is cancel ,that would help players and have a chance to strafe and escape the aiming of the opponent.

You guys have to put more characters to or put a sistem like perfect dark that you can change head and body
And fix the movement of characters by changing the way characters runs and strafe, in GE n64 when characters runs and strafe they looks with more flow😎 and kinda "The Matrix" style movement 💜 and now they looks ah little wierd ,if you guys can fix that and add that into the game it will be perfect and its going to feels even more that we playing GE is multiplayer exactly as N64 but a remake the same time 💘


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