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Goldeneye source wiki setting up hammer page missing vital images!!!


I'm trying to install hammer but the goldeneye source page "Setting up hammer" is missing vital images! 2 Images are broken.
Near the the bottem it reads:

We do not recommend storing VMFs in your game directory. If you do, uninstalling Steam or uninstalling/updating GoldenEye: Source will remove your VMFs.

(broken link) configurehammer.jpg

Click OK
Under Build Programs enter this info:

(Broken link) configurehammer2.jpg

Click Apply
Click OK
Restart Hammer

Does anyone have those configure hammer JPGs?
Or know what they say and you can just tell me?
Heres a link to the page http://wiki.geshl2.com/setting_up_hammer

Sorry for the inconvenience!!! Use this one!! http://wiki.geshl2.com/goldeneye/basic_map_design

Thank you!  ;D


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