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Custom achievements???


Heeeeeeyyyy I'm new here and I was wondering, Is it possible to make your own custom achievements? I would love to and I searched every where for a tutorial but came up empty. Does anyone know if its possible? And if so, where could I learn how?
Thanks for your time. I look forward to making mods for Goldeneye:Source ;D

Outside of making your own game binaries, sadly not.  Due to their nature, achievements are part of the core game and not based on any script files.

However, if you have any cool achievement ideas feel free to post them!  I've still got a few open slots for achievements in 5.1.

 So where would I post these ideas? Should I start a new thread? Or is there already a thread for achievement ideas? :)

Shemp Howard:
Impressions & Feedback would be the place =)

Okey dokey! Thanks for the tip!  ;D


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