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Underwater tunnel, feasible or not?


One of my ideas for expanding my Subpen map is to create an underwater tunnel (for clarity: I mean a tunnel of this sort: https://c2.staticflickr.com/2/1020/1116581138_d77d02dfd2_b.jpg). Is it feasible (or even possible) in Hammer? From what I've understood water functionality is fairly limited in Source engine. Specifically, there's no simple way to make it look like you're underwater unless you are inside of a water brush. Clearly in the case I need the water brushes to be outside of the tunnel (although I suppose an alternative would be to make a sunken tunnel). I've looked around and the only decent method I found is to use env_embers as explained here: https://gamebanana.com/tuts/4698 . However, it doesn't really give the desired effect.

I've done some experimentation with a simple structure covered with glass texture, water brushes (func_water_analog) and env_embers brushes: http://www.mediafire.com/view/hwhhnxskj4v4dh3/Hammer_-_%255BD__Steam_steamapps_sourcemods_gesource_maps_subpen_added_07.vmf_-_Textured%255D_2018-10-20_12_09_43.png/file The top faces of the top brushes are textured with water_canals_city_murky_dx70 and the other water faces are textured with nodraw. Above the water I use spotlights with blue color to get a blue-ish color in the room, see here: http://www.mediafire.com/view/sge7csawncu1jdg/Hammer_-_%255BD__Steam_steamapps_sourcemods_gesource_maps_subpen_added_07.vmf_-_Textured%255D_2018-10-20_12_10_06.png/file

In-game it looks like this (note that it looks brighter in-game than on the screenshots): http://www.mediafire.com/view/zuo7zvkplysysgh/subpen_added_070000.jpg/file
Although it looks pretty interesting it clearly doesn't really look like you're underwater (except that at least you see the water texture on top). Compare that with how it might typically underwater:
http://www.mediafire.com/view/5c3q4og0c464grd/GoldenEye__Source_%2528v5.0%2529_2018-10-20_12_14_52.png/file (In this case the water texture is sewer_waterdarkfog so it's extra dirty/foggy but you get the point)

So is there any way to create an underwater tunnel where it looks like you are underwater? Maybe some form of skybox (I've seen that suggested elsewhere, not sure how I would implement it though)? Or is it pretty much a dead end?

If you're looking to simulate the underwater fog that appears if you're in water, you could just use fog entities could you not?
As for using env_embers, I would personally just use particles instead of source entities, there's a bubble texture that's default for source.

Sorry for the late response. Kraid helped me out with this issue. He has two example maps where there is the appearance/illusion of being underwater while not being inside of a water brush. Either way I came to the conclusion that an underwater tunnel wouldn't really fit in my map so I will not include it.


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