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Application for 3D Animator (and hopefully Particle designer)


Hey there, I'm Tom, but I normally go by the online name of Roach.

I discovered the mod a few years back, but never really played it since at the time I didn't have anybody who wanted to join in, but I played the original Goldeneye a load and it was actually one of my most favourite N64 games out there, second only to Lylatwars (Star-Fox 64 for the US).

I've been learning a lot about 3D modelling and animation since as far back as 2012, and well I can't really judge for myself how far I've come, though I believe it to be enough to warrant finally posting an application to assist with this mod. I use Autodesk Maya, specifically Maya 2015.
I've exclusively used Source since I started, so I know quite a bit about it, and while 3D modelling is almost certainly a primary goal for me to achieve here, I would also like to know if the team requires any help with particle effects. This is another thing that I've learned and worked on for a number of years, progressively getting better. My main forte with Source is the ever-popular Garry's Mod, where I have a number of Workshop contributions, while my skillset covers a lot of things including mapping, I wouldn't say I'm anywhere near good enough to apply for a mod team in those regards.

Here's my portfolio consisting of a number of YouTube videos - of which I'll also link the channel in-case you want to see any of the other videos I haven't directly linked here - I'll also add a link to my Steam Workshop page, if you're interested. :)

(Additionally, I don't believe that my work will be up to GE:S's standards, but I'm more than willing to learn, using my example animation videos below, while I understand the concept of IK's, I don't actually use them, since I'm not entirely sure how to with Maya, I'm hoping that by joining GE:S's team, I'll learn and therefore better myself in 3D animation.)


Hi Tom,

Thank you very much for your application.

You certainly have some experience with particle effects, however we don't have a dedicated position for them.

If you were to join the team, it would have to be as an animator and for animation the use of IK rigs is an essential part of the role. Any animation trial we do would involve using IK to produce animations and I think we would need to see a demonstration of being able to work with IK before proceeding. If you are willing to learn and produce a short demo animation clip to show that you can work with them then we will be able to trial you for the team. IK is a pretty stringent requirement for animation jobs in the industry so it would certainly be worth it to learn this skill set.

If you were to join the team as an animator then you would be able to work on and contribute particle effects along with your primary role. If this is of interest to you, feel free to get back to us once you have some work with IK rigs to show off.  I look forward to seeing what you can do.

- Thanks

I don't yet have any footage to show off with using IK, since while I understand how they work, I'm as of yet unsure how to use them within Maya, but I am more than willing to learn.
I did find some more animation footage though, should it interest you.

We'll be willing to trial you once you have some experience and work to show using IK. I would definitely recommend taking the time to learn if you are interested in animation as it makes animation production much faster and the results much more true to life.

Absolutely, I'll be willing to learn and get myself up to GE:S's working standard, while also doing my own research, reading up on tutorials, etc.


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