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Nintendo has given up ownership to 007 goldeneye proof is here

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Yeah, the copyright to mod for not-for-profit is usually never an issue...

But some companies tend to conflate "We hold the copyright" with "these fools better not even seem to profit off our IP" and so we were always putting out statements and stances that sought to dispel ANY notion we were infringing outside of fair use within copyrights :)

And there was a time when people really (I mean, really. I'd get countless inquiries and emails per week from fans back in the day) wanted to fund us to continue to develop -with a mind/focus to eventually do SP- and that kind of crowd-sourced energy could have attracted people to be involved and retain our best contributors and generally be more productive/dedicated. For sure.

I wonder if 007 might appear in the N64 Mini Classic console game list.



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