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I am not the real Kurt Russell, unfortunately.

But don't be sad, I still can help you guys :D

Well, I am 30 y.o. and a GoldenEye enthusiast. The original 007:GE was the very first FPS experience to really catch me (same old story eh?). It got me both into 007 and shooting random players.

I discovered this wonderful little thing that you've been developing here just a couple days ago, and I am amazed - by both the game and the awesome community. But I got concerned when the guys started talking about how the game is under some risk of having the servers shut down by the lack of new players.

So I am enlisting myself to serve her majesty. And here are my skills for your appreciation:

1. I'm a Civil Engineer... I can deal with 3d objects, buildings and ilumination. I mean, there's not much to prove here, so I will just throw you something that I can make in around 6 hours on Sketchup:

2. I work with Unreal Engine 4

And you work with Source! But hey, this is still a usefull skill. I've been studying UE4 in my free time since August - I've coursed a blueprint programming and level design/ilumination course and have been developing some systems since I finished it. You can see this work on the video I am linking right below (ignore the Portuguese narrative... I am actually an infiltrated international agent). Nah, I have made this video just to show my friends the systems I am working on, and I think you'll comprehend it just with the image. The animations are weird because they will be the last think I'll work on, these are provisory.

3. I can make, edit and configure textures and materials

As you can also see in the video. The terrain textures you see there are (poorly) set up by me, using HD textures I downloaded and used as base (I can comercially use those textures, because I have a premium account on the source). The melee baton was made by me and exported/textured in like 15 minutes on Sketchup/Unreal. These textures can get even better if I configure them correctly, but I will use the excuse here that I am letting the graphical part of my game project for the end.

4. Old school mapper right here

I've mapped a lot for CS 1.3~1.5 using WorldCraft. Actually, half of the time spent was mapping and the other half was fixing leaks, but that is beside the point. Unfortunately, I can't prove you this badass skill because my maps are long lost and gone with the real Counter-Strike.

5. I can adapt

If I don't know it, I'll learn it.

6. Former Ultima Online GM

Shouldn't be proud of this one. This isn't even useful, is it?

7. You want animated sprites?

BOOM! You got it. If I could have stated this inside item #3? Yea, but that would be one skill less to list here!

Well, I think that's all. I will leave below a bonus PDF with some images of a project I've made for my city's american football team. It was a lazy job (because of the deadline), but it's still an example. It took me around 30 hours of work I think... It lacks ilumination, some aesthetic work on the terrain and materials, vegetation... But, as I said, it's not been a long time since I've been working with Unreal to have a portfolio that shows my full knowledge.

Let me know if you need someone like me :D I'm even up to making a full remake of the single player missions if you ever thought about that.

No need to worry, there will be servers for GE:S for a very long time!  The project has been in somewhat of a lull recently as a lot of key developers have had busy schedules, but there's no risk of it dying overnight.  5.1 will come sooner or later.

That being said, we're always happy to bring new people onto the team!  Generally we'll ask you a few questions to figure out if you're a good fit for the team and what role would be best for you, and then give you a trial for you to prove your skills and show us what it's like to work with you.  However, you've had some unfortunate timing as I'm currently in the process of formalizing this procedure and making it more transparent!  Would you be okay with waiting for a week while I finish working on that?  The last few trials we've done have lacked clear enough expectations and I want to avoid that during your application to the team.

Sure, no problem :D don't hurry!

Alrighty, everything is up and we should be ready to give your application the attention it deserves!  Our new application info is here:,8854.0.html

Please give that a quick read and let me know if you have any questions, you are the first person to make use of it so there could still be some room for improvement!

Anyway, before we go any further, which role out of the ones you've mentioned would you say you're most interested in?  For the application process and staff listings it's best for you to have one primary role, even if you plan to branch out a bit once you're on the team.  On our end we're most interested in Level Designers who can make their own assets where needed, but if your passion is to be a dedicated texture specialist there's still plenty you could help out with.  As for Programming, I'm sorry to say we're not taking direct applications for it at the moment, though there is a chance we could use help with that in the future. 

Regardless, just let me know your choice and we'll get things rolling!

I don't have any questions, Sire!

I understand all that is stated and I fully agree with the terms. Very clear and well written, btw.

As for the role I am most interested, you guys are lucky:

--- Quote ---Level Designers who can make their own assets where needed
--- End quote ---

^ that's me right there :)

I can work by my own on new maps from the blockage to the final fixes, while making all the statics and their materials/textures.

I am ready for my 00 trial if you are willing to proceed!

EDIT: I forgot to mention, but communication via Discord may be a little embarrassing as my English speech isn't good. We can try it out, but if it gets awkward I would like to communicate via text messages if it's ok for you.


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