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Author Topic: GESOURCE JUMPER TOOL  (Read 537 times)

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« on: November 20, 2017, 05:44:15 AM »

**Admin please move this if it's in the wrong area**

These tools perform the simple purpose of a quick process killer and starter for gesource. If you install gesource or move it to a different location you can use the .BAT files and add the new location by dropping it into NOTEPAD and saving it. I grew weary of hl2.exe sticking all the time and having to CTRL ALT DELETE stop it in task manager constantly to start the mod. There have also been problems launching the mod from Steam so this tool utilizes the gesource_run.exe DIRECT EXECUTABLE CREATED BY GESOURCE TEAM. Great thinking guys! :D


GESOURCE STOP: Stops hl2.exe in hopes the mod will boot from Steam or wherever current user is trying to launch the mod from

GESOURCE RESET: Stops hl2.exe and restarts gesource when nothing else is working (**NOTE** FULL PROOF)

**FINAL NOTE** Steam and Source SDK 2007 are still required for the mod to work. These tools are not workarounds for Steam, Valve, Half Life 2, or any other entities.
Special thanks to GESOURCE DEV TEAM for creating an executable to launch the mod!

Hope these tools are found useful!  ;)


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