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Could you please add spawn points to all the outer platforms in The Cradle map? There used to be spawn points out there, now those areas are virtually useless. I used to like playing sniper arena and being born on the outer platforms, now it's not possible.



I believe that was scrapped due to the high camp percentage.

Mostly because spawning there would be a death sentence most of times.

As Graslu said, spawning in a tower and then having to travel across the long catwalk to the rest of the map was more or less guaranteed to get you killed.  So if you wanted to play in the middle of the map and not just sit around trying to shoot people from the side, you were out of luck.

Of course the sniping is still something the map is known for, so we figured it was best to keep that part of the map accessible but remove all the spawns from it.  Sniping from the towers is actually much more effective than it once was, because people aren't constantly expecting to be shot from there.  You have to put in some effort into actually getting to a tower now, but that's part of the fun!

I've noticed this, too - I like playing fighting my way out to a tower, hope someone doesn't see me sneaking down the catwalk, and then opening up on the central area with whatever sniper or other weapon I have.

If you just randomly spawned out there, though, it'd be a death sentence to try and move off the platform and get into the rest of the level if you weren't interested in sniping or didn't have that kind of weapon... it's best set up as it currently is for that reason alone.


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