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Hey Goldeneye Source team!

I’ve been playing the mod you all have developed for several years and recently realized, “Hey, why not apply?”

Game Design is my full time job and throughout the past few years I’ve lent my skills to numerous teams developing mods and commercial games in many capacities. My game influences come from titles like Deus Ex, 007, Metal Gear Solid, Sly Cooper, TF2, and Counter Strike.

Level Design in Goldeneye features lots of memorable floor plans, believable structures, and asymmetry. Differentiation in terms of open and closed spaces, as well as mixes of height are also super important facets that I think I could easily implement into new maps for GES.

I have many years of experience with tools like Hammer, various proprietary and open source game engines, scripting, modeling, and texturing. I usually come up with a basic layout on paper or tablet using reference pics and overall themes I want to nail down. Then I block out the the greybox using BSPs in Unreal or Hammer, place props, model and texture, and iterate until I get closer and closer to what I'm looking for.

As a level designer on the team, I’d focus on bringing new maps into the fold, creating original maps that accurately reflect the feel and intention behind the N64 Goldeneye game designs, and maybe bring some Nightfire maps into the game as well? I spoke with Adrian a bit about future content for the mod, external modding support, and figured this was something I can contribute to.

Some of my previous work:

Would love to know the community’s thoughts!


I think all of this looks pretty cool!  The team will have to talk about things internally and make sure we can give you projects that will be a good fit, but I'm pretty optimistic that will be the case.

While we do that, I'd like to get to know you a little better.  The main things I'm curious about are:

Are you more interested in the block out/design stage of level design, or do you want to create a map from start to finish?

Are you up for working on unmade GE64 levels, or are you more interested in entirely original ones?

Will you be able to make a weekly game test at 6:00 PM EST each Saturday?

In any case, thanks for your patience while we discuss your application.  It usually takes a few days for us to discuss things and set everything up, but if all goes well you shouldn't have to wait any longer than that.

Hey Entropy! Not a problem.

I'd like to say that I'm more interested in the block out/design stage. But I'm a very implementation focused person, and want to make sure there's an iterative process behind the levels I'm working on.

If I'm making unmade GE64 levels, then absolutely, the focus would be "from start to finish". But if they're more original maps, then block out/design would probably be where most of my work would be. I'd be interested in hearing what the team's thoughts are on different aspects of that late stage dev, especially considering the arguments that people love to bring up about props vs. BSPs for things like collisions, platforming, etc.

I'm up for working on unmade and entirely original! Just depends on what the team needs!

Yes, I can be around for the weekly game test. I often play GES in my free time!

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Alrighty!  Your application was pretty well put together so I don't have any more development related questions at the moment, though I am kind of surprised I haven't seen you in-game before.  What servers do you normally play on?

You know honestly I'm not entirely sure. Maybe VPP? I usually just hop on whichever has the most players at the time. I'm not too picky on the current game mode or map since I play Goldeneye more for the gun feel/handling.


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