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Hey all, love the mod. I'm very excited for 5.1.

I know the title seems a bit redundant as I'm sure everything that can be done has been in the pipeline since before development on the first alpha was even started, but I've had an idea for a map since the announcement of Citadel. Would a "Citadel Classic" map be an option for a future release? Of course, I'm not talking about the buggy mess that was the original, but it's essentially a freedom card for the team to design a new, original map in the graphics & style of the classic game without being restricted to what the classic maps gave you. I know it's a lot of work to make these, but I hope to peak someone's interest at the possibility of a completely original "old map" that we've never seen before. I thought it was a cool idea, anyway.

Generally, I love the idea of creating new "old maps" in the style/graphics of the N64 game, even though the new/reimagined maps are probably the most fun to play.

I know there's a lot of mods out there for the original game in an emulator that have new maps and missions made within the existing structure, although I haven't played any.

We announced Citadel on the works back in May, here's an image of what it looks like:

This is a WIP image from May and it had some changes. Here's the full post if you're interested on seeing it.

I think he means "Citadel" redone in a "classic" style like Complex_Classic, Facilty_Classic, etc., with original/approximate assets and artwork that mimic N64, although in a functional layout/new design that works for the mod.


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