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I am a big fan of Goldeneye and I would love to contribute to making this game as great as it can be. I have been a 3d Model artist for around 3 years now and use the following programs for my pipeline. Zbrush, Topogun, Substance Painter, Maya, and Photoshop. I can capture the likeness of people in my sculpts and I want to make screen accurate recreations of the cast and then retop them for game ready poly limits. I have already made Alec Trevelyan to give you a direct idea of what to expect. also ive included a link to the game ready model.

Excellent work, this has a great likeness to it.

Do you have other content you'd like to show us? Just to give a more complete understanding of your skillset.

I took a look at some of your other Sketchfab projects and am very impressed with the level of work you've produced. It's clear you have a great deal of experience you could bring to the team.

We have to discuss internally so please bear with us but I'm very keen to trial you for the team.

Here is various demos of my work spanning from around 2014 - present.

Hi Kaighen

We're ready to give you a trial to join the development team.

You will shortly be given access to the trial section of the forums, once you have access please start a thread with your name and position in the title and we'll proceed with the process.

Good luck!  :)

awesome, cant wait! Will that be an email notification or an alert from this site?


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