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Some scattered ideas o' mine


The title already says it, so let's get into it (call me names later):


Okay. I have just two.

1 – THUNDERBALL: Kinda like hot potato. All players has 100 health and the same gun (any '[input-weapon-name] Arena' weapon kit can work it out). You shoot the players down, but, instead of dying, they became "marked". By being "marked", you receive a 10-20 second countdown. If it reaches zero, you explode (yes, explode. As in you can hurt players postmortem). The last one alive (or the last ones, since it has a time limit, like any normal round) wins.
Oh, also, slap people to swap health (but that will happen only if your health percentage is lower than the enemy).

2 – FOR YOUR EYES ONLY: It looks like a normal deathmatch, but there's a trick → People will get separated into two teams, but the game won't inform them. Only by trial-and-error will you get who is your enemy and who is your ally. (-1) for shooting an ally, (+1) for shooting an enemy.
Okay, before you say, I know: that will be too complex to this gamemode's newbies. But, by showing the name above the other player and painting it blue for ally and red for enemy can help (I think)...


For the upcoming Frigate: I believe it's best to keep the gameplay inside the ship, having few rooms in the outer part (like corridors 'n' stuff).

For Train: Two things come to my mind.

One - Make the wagons loop. 1→2;2→3;3→4;4→5,5→6,6→1. With intersections 4-1, 5-2 and 6-3.
|| (OR)
Two - Make three lanes. The middle one is inside the train, while the side ones are separated by 2 areas. Area 1 → Inside the tunnel; Area 2 → Outside.

There's two images trying to depict what I'm babbling saying:

For Streets: Could be the square behind Archives, with alleyways at the sides and inside the square, with 'enterable' buildings. Also, the parking lot behind Archives is open as well, but not the hidehole where Bond appears in GE007 (because that will be a cheap location for campers).

A image trying to depict the idea:

For Dam_Backzone: The normal look of the GE007 map is cool. But it can be added a thick fog at the bridge, plus a turbine room along the long corridor below the bridge.

New Idea - Ge_Offices or Ge_MI6: A map which depicts MI6's office complex. With Moneypenny's desk, M's meeting room... Could even have Q's laboratory! Since I don't know if that's gonna be included in the new Library map, at least it could be a new map.

New Idea - Ge_Nightclub or Ge_Cabaret: A map which depicts the cabaret that Bond and Valentin meet, having a underground casino, kitchen, a backdoor that leads to an alley, which this one leads to the road at the cabaret's upfront. Since doing Statue Park is a bit difficult, maybe this one can suffice.

New Idea - Ge_FortKnox: Yeah, Goldfinger made me thought "what if there was a Fort Knox map in GE:S" too. What can I say...? It's quite complete though. A Control/Facility Backzone feeling, enclosed in that Oddjob fight room (also, that could be Oddjob's nest, like Egyptian is with Baron Samedi, Aztec is with Jaws, Cradle is with Trevelyan and so on) and that part below the pipe catwalk that the movie doesn't show can be accessible! Imagine (all the people and) what could be!

New Idea - Ge_Villa: No, I don't mean Carrington's villa, but Auric Goldfinger's. Yadda-yadda-I-thought-the-same-yabba-dabba-doo, I know, y'know? That could be a open map with two team places, The Stables and The Mansion, with links over and underground. Also, that could be a nice try to a "too open" map; Like the lil' wheels that you put on a bike called GE007 Streets or Statue Park or Surface...


FOR NORMAL GAMEPLAY (like Deathmatch 'n' such):

→ Explosive Temperament {
1- Slappers
2- Timed Mines
3- Timed Mines
4- Remote Mines
5- Grenades
6- Grenades
7- Grenades
8- Remote Mines
} //Yeah, the name is a joke. Like a certain animal, just BEAR it. >.>

→ Play It Away {
1- Silenced PP7
2- PP7
3- PP7
4- DD44
5- Silenced D5K
6- D5K
7- KF7
8- Remote Mines
} //References the weapons you receive at the level's starting point in GE007, but since it already has one, this is an alternative kit.

→ Eagle Eye {
1- Klobb
2- Klobb
3- Cougar Magnum
4- Cougar Magnum
5- Sniper Rifle
6- Sniper Rifle
7- Throwable Knife
8- Throwable Knife
} //Only the accurate will survive!

→ Glitched 'n' Crazed {
1- Hunting Knife
2- Hunting Knife
3- Grenades
4- Grenades
5- Grenade Launcher
6- Grenade Launcher
7- RCP90
8- RCP90
} //The name isn't clear, but when you feel the spam charge coming... it will... MWAHAHAHAHA- *cough*cough*cough*

SPECIAL KITS (for other types of gamemodes, like Arsenal 'n' such):

→ Fast Round {
1- Hunting Knife
2- Hunting Knife
3- Hunting Knife
4- Hunting Knife
5- Hunting Knife
6- Hunting Knife
7- Hunting Knife
8- Hunting Knife
} // The round will be damn quick! And not because of that infamous "initial klobb" kit. (Sorry, but that's a forceful kit to slap people) '-'

→ Recruit to Assassin {
1- Rocket Launcher
2- ZMG
3- Silenced D5K
4- KF7
5- Cougar Magnum
6- DD44
7- Sniper Rifle
8- Timed Mines
} //It will be a bit difficult to pull of a kill at every step (like it's supposed to do) '-'

→ Pew-pew 2 Boom-Boom {
1- Moonraker Laser
2- RCP90
3- ZMG
4- KF7
5- Grenades
6- Rocket Launcher
7- Grenade Launcher
8- Remote Mines
} //Yeah, I'm embarrassed of the name as well...

1- Proximity Mines
2- Rocket Launcher
3- DD44
4- PP7
5- RCP90
6- Cougar Magnum
7- D5K
8- ZMG
} //Aside from the EE, it's a try in using Proxies in Arsenal. Use at the beginning and, after upping one time you have the power to destroy the enemy's grins with a rocket.

→ Mediunic {
1- Phantom
2- Silenced D5K
3- D5K
4- KF7
5- Silenced PP7
6- PP7
7- DD44
8- Klobb
} //Meh.

→ Power Proud {
1- Phantom
2- RCP90
3- Rocket Launcher
4- Moonraker Laser
5- Grenade Launcher
6- Cougar Magnum
7- ZMG
8- Grenades


Well... there ya have it. Since I'm quite new and I don't know if idea bundles like this one are acceptable here, please inform me before the ban-slap. Also, I'm not English native, so misspells and syntax errors may occur.

And, well... be concise on your critic. Just don't say "It's bad and you should kill yourself for this", because I already know that. What I don't know is "why".

I like some of your level ideas - adding more interior rooms in Dam backzone area, like a turbine room - good idea to give the level more depth and make it less linear.

Streets is one of the very few levels I haven't even seen an "unofficial" map yet (haven't really seen Jungle, Statue, or Surface, either, though I know a couple of them exist). I think any ideas to make what in the game is a very long, linear level workable for multiplayer are great. Definitely one of the levels where a reimagined version is really the only option as the "classic" layout just wouldn't work.

In Frigate, though, I like keeping the exterior playable - it provides for more diverse battles (and is just plain fun to run around a naval warship's deck) - but I do like the idea of expanding/changing the flow of the interior to better suit multiplayer.

For Train, I think what could work would be moving the main train out of the tunnel in the original game and back into the Depot or a railyard, lined up alongside a couple of other trains, allowing players to cross between them. This would keep the linear train feel of the level but allow players parallel routes to traverse to avoid bottlenecks.

Just asking: If I edit a post, it doesn't show to people at the same way as a new post, right?

If yes, then I'm quite relieved...

How about updated character models? We had the same since 2005. I am not talking about new characters but simply better textures. Like how you did with the maps and weapons on 5.0

We would really like to give at least some of the characters better visuals, but currently we don't have a Character Artist that is able to do high quality character models.

Remember, this is a free game and we cannot just hire a character artist for money.
Good luck finding one that is willing to create AAA-Content for free.

Over the years we were very lucky to have many skilled individuals on the team.
But as time goes by, priorities change and noone can put all his/her free time and energy into a free game.
No matter how big the love for the original is.


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