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GoldenEye: Source - Status Report: May

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Working Towards 5.1

For the past many months since 5.0’s release we’ve been hard at work behind the scenes preparing what is coming next for GE:S.

Moving forward we would like to be more open and keep the community more up to date with what we are doing, and first off we are happy to announce and show a little preview of two of the maps we are presently working on.

New Maps

We would like to introduce you to a level that is not that well known. ‘Citadel’ was a test level found on the original game’s ROM by using a GameShark on the GoldenEye cartridge. In the past there have been community versions of this map, but the level is now being incorporated into the game and given the full treatment.

I would never choose the caves! The temple, maybe.

Temple is a map that has long been absent from GoldenEye: Source. Whilst there have been various versions in development over the years it has never quite made it all the way to completion. The map has now been completely reenvisioned and given it’s own unique theme.


With two new levels there might have been a gap in our Soundtrack.  Never fear!  Tweaklab has been hard at work and would like to debut some of his awesome beats.



“I wanted to take the Citadel track from the original game that was only used in multiplayer matches and make it feel a bit more tailored to a specific map, keeping the original tempo while adding more layers to the track to give it a greater sense of progression and ambience.”



Temple didn’t have it’s own track in the original game, so to accompany the new map Tweaklab has created an original track inspired by the soundtrack of the original game and the atmosphere of the new map.

“I was encouraged by the team to have a go at writing an original track for the game and it all started with the main chord progression which utilizes a few familiar notes from the traditional Bond theme, everything else evolved fairly naturally from there. I wrote the track with the idea that it was almost like a remix of an original N64 track that no one had ever heard before and there are lots of cool ominous sounds like pan flutes and monk choirs in the mix to keep the atmosphere front and center while the beat drives the track.” - Tweaklab

Weapon Effects

Moving forward with our initiative of improving the way that weapons feel and act in the game, each weapon now has an increased number of sound effects associated with it. Pistols, Rifles, Mines, Shotguns, Rockets and so on now have distinct pickup, ammo and reload sounds for each type.

Building on our adjustment of their ammunition types, the Gold and Silver PP7s now have distinct firing sounds to help distinguish them both from each-other and the standard issue PP7.

The soundscape of the game is now more satisfying and delivers much better audible feedback on what is happening.

Improving User Experience

One of our big goals with the upcoming 5.1 is to greatly improve the experience players have when playing the game. 5.0 was a huge milestone and step up in the quality of the mod from past versions but we still see great room for improvement when it comes to making the game feel more intuitive and enjoyable. Certain lingering issues in the gameplay were made apparent by 5.0’s release which we’re working towards fixing, including changing a few Source engine defaults that fell outside of the design of our game and went under our radar.

The main one is of course the maximum server player count, which can be set as high as 32. However, GE:S was never designed to accommodate this number, and having such a large amount of  players on one server causes several problems that result in a poor gameplay experience. As such, for 5.1 this will be capped to a more reasonable 16 players. We hope everybody can understand that we want players to have the best experience of the game possible.

 PSA: Please keep this in mind if you’re running a server as 16 will be the maximum number of player slots supported once GoldenEye: Source 5.1 releases.

Thank You

We would like to thank the community for their amazing support following the release of 5.0. We’ve been blown away by how much the game has grown and all of the positive attention we’ve received around the web.

In case you missed it we recently had an interview with PC Gamer, you can find it here:

Streaming GoldenEye: Source
If you’re a YouTube or Twitch streamer and would like to stream GoldenEye: Source, please do!  Our original soundtrack will not get your content flagged.  Please contact us if you do have any issues.

We’re Looking For Developers
As a team that is always growing and adapting we would like to remind everybody that we are always looking for new talent. Please check our open positions page if you’re interested in getting involved and helping us to create this game.



Team GoldenEye: Source

This is all phenomenal news - great to hear, and can't wait to enjoy all of these new maps, features, and improvements!

As someone who was aware of this project for many years - but atrociously never got around to downloading and experiencing it since 5.0 was released last summer - the simple fact that the game is so constantly being improved upon and tweaked is truly amazing to me. Thank you to all of the team members who dedicate so much time to this project! As someone who has been playing the N64 version continuously since it came out and who participates in The-Elite speed-running community, for me, the fact that this mod is so vibrant, active, fun, and true to the original just truly completes the GoldenEye 007 experience... it's just great!

In particular, I love Tweaklab's new songs - the "Citadel" song, which as we all know in N64 would play often in Multiplayer, was one of my favorites as a kid, and still is today. In fact, the original track immediately found its way into my playlists for Library/Stacks/Basement and Complex last summer. The new version of this song hits all the right notes and is a superb addition, and will certainly be finding its way into my rotation soon!

Thank you again so much to this team for your amazing work - I can't wait to try these new features out!

The new 16 player limit certainly isn't set in stone, we just want to make sure that we have a way to make sure people understand that 12-16 is supposed to be the standard before setting it higher.  Before 4.2 we didn't seem to have this issue, but a lot of groups in 5.0 seemed to assume bigger was better and went all the way to 32.  Certain systems start breaking at 24+, though that's fixable, and the viable map selection becomes rather limited for anything past 16.  Not even Aztec comfortably hosts 32 people on any configuration.  That being said there are totally viable 20-24 man server configurations, like teamplay on the biggest maps as you said, but we didn't see nearly as much of that as we did 32 man basement classic with everyone complaining about the spawning system.

So, hopefully once we figure out how to better regulate that we can go up to at least 20, if not 24.  It's certainly a niche, since nearly all maps are designed for <16 players, but it does feel kind of bad to bar that option entirely for people who want to use setups that actually benefit from the higher playercount.  Might have to be a project for 5.2 though.

That's great to hear! This mod has such a bright future... which can't really be said about too many video game projects that are this old and are dying out/hanging on by a thread (well, except maybe StarCraft... since that's getting a do-over this summer and is as old as the original GE64)!

This is all awesome news, been having a lot of fun playing GoldenEye: Source, so I look forward to all the new content and the awesome job you guys are doing at keeping this going. The new levels seem like they will add a lot more fun to the game, I can't wait to try them out when 5.1 is released. Thanks for all the awesome hours of game play so far haha  ;D


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