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Well, I'm not good at rating things, but let's try...:

I really liked GE:S, how it was created as a "innovation of the past" (it was already done in the past once, but not very focused to BE something), as well as its great nostalgia energy that flows within the game. And they just didn't threw the classic maps and called it a day, no, they made something balanced. Hell, it can even support community tournaments! That's one thing that few dantesque mods like this have.

The gameplay favors the strategic ones (but, unfortunately, the camper ones as well) instead of the spam-shooters. However if you don't have a good internet, then prepare to see things like "he shoots you at the invisible organ that you left there [number] seconds ago" and "false shots", but since I have a crappy PC, I'm kind of accustomed to that...

Most of the musics are great, bringing immersion in the game (though they lost its power when you get into clutch or frantic moments). The sounds are par to what the game offered, but with better quality. The graphics are great as well, though, for me, characters' skins are kind of... odd there... especially Bond's.... but since, again, crappy computer! Can't decide if that's the game or my PC that does this.

The DAT cartridges EE gives the player the urge to explore the map in further detail, so it was a excellent idea. And, with the removal of Ge_train after some playthroughs of the staff (including beta-testers, "community voices", etcetera) for being "too much linear", as well as a rework of Ge_dam, gives the players the thought that they aren't just throwing things at us: instead, they are trying to improve a multiplayer idea almost forgotten by time.

So, after what I tried to say, I'll complete by saying it's a great game and people should, at least, give it a try. :D

Observation: I'm not English native, so misspells and syntax errors may occur.

Post-scriptum: If people tries to search me (don't know why, but still) and sees that I'm not playing GE: anymore, before calling me a hypocrite bastard, I uninstalled the game because of depression reasons. And that didn't happened only with this game, so... yeah...

Disagree a little on the music - I think it's some of the finest to match any commercial game out there, incorporating several different artists who reworked the classic tunes and came up with new themes, too - and made even better by the ability to customize soundtrack for each level /add in other (or original N64) songs.

There are some maps that favor campers, however once you do a few playthroughs you realize there's only so many places they can hide, and it's easy to avoid them/draw them out/sneak attack them. As an occasional camper, I know this first hand!

As far as the player models go, I think many agree with you - the team, from what I've read, hasn't had a dedicated model designer on the crew in a long time, and most recently was focused on improving levels/gameplay/etc, for 5.0, so many of the models are old (and others are noticeably missing), something I know is on the Dev's to-do list whenever a model-maker can be found!

Yeah, completely on point with the characters.  We're hoping to get someone to help out with them soon!

Many are from the earliest days of the mod, but without a character artist there's not a whole lot we can do to update them to match the rest of the game.

I enjoyed reading this, thank you!

We love hearing feedback like this.


As for music, it's my likings... and some didn't fit. Oh, well :/-

Well, in respect of campers, it's a strategy (that I don't like, but moving on). And there are some places and doings that are quite frustrating. Even for new players. Imagine you encountering this game for the first time, being all happy 'n' all; But the first server you enter there's 5 people camping as Mayday in shadowed places. And since most of the servers with people are LTKs, you're up to madness, angriness and sadness.

As for player models, it's kind of understandable. They done what they could. Some just need a change in textures, while others needs a bit of rework. And let's not talk about the new models that are coming like Xenia, Natalya, etcetera... I would like to help, but I don't believe I have the power to improve...

Well... I'll like to help in wherever I can; The only problem is that I suck. :/-

Thanks for your appreciation. :D

(To be sincere, I thought this post was going to be submerged in the Abyss of Forgetfulness '-' )

EDIT: Yes, I just edited to change the names there to a pretty way of looking it.


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