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I've already seen several posts here since the release of 5.0 - but I've yet to see a real discussion about this problem.

Right now, as of 1/11/17 at 8:30 p.m. EST, there are 5 populated servers. Three (3) are Arsenal-only, and two (2) are LTK.

There are many community members (like me) who prefer Deathmatch, CTF, MWGG, and/or other game types over LTK and Arsenal. However, I can't even contemplate how many times I've logged on the last 3-4 months and seen ONLY Arsenal and LTK servers populated.

Of course, there are plenty of servers with Deathmatch and/or mixed game types still active that I could join - and hopefully, after a few minutes, get others to join - but, in reality, the fact that the game has very limited game types regularly available to play is a huge turn-off, especially to new/prospective recruits to the mod. What, if anything, can we do to correct this in future releases? I know that many of the people logging onto the active LTK/Aresenal servers are doing so because, simply, that no other servers are active - and if there was a, for example 6/12 deathmatch server running, they would join it instead of the Arsenal one, but do so because there is simply no other active server.

This is, in my opinion, a critical issue to the future success and sustainability of the mod, but I haven't really seen it discussed much here. Obviously, people are by-and-large going to join the game types that are most popular - however, there is a significant section of the community that I feel is being left out if types like CTF and DM are relegated to "well, there may be a server, sometimes, but probably just LTK and Arsenal."

EDIT: I think one big factor is there are plenty of people playing the mod week-to-week who log on, but get frustrated / disappointed when they see no active DM, TDM, etc. servers running and quickly log off. When there is a DM server active with 4-5 people, it often jumps to 10-15 relatively quickly. My main concern is, over time, DM/TDM/CTF servers will die out if that trend continues, which would be very sad because of how enjoyable those game modes are.

I get that there may quite possibly be nothing that can be done about this - the player base determines what is popular and what isn't - but if there is anything at all that can be done, I think it's a discussion worth having to ensure those players who don't care for LTK and Arsenal do stick around and continue to support GoldenEye: Source.

I'd sure like to see more people stay, whether it be more official game events, possibly a new and improved ranking system, and/or documentation cleanup on the website.  I think as long as something new happens every once in awhile, players will almost immediately join, at least until their nostalgia wears off again.

I like the concept of Team Arsenal; although I enjoy other game types more, it makes it more bearable when I can only find an Arsenal server that is active.

Team play (2v2, 3v1, 2v1) was my favorite mode in GoldenEye 64; it's tough nowadays for enough people to be in a TDM or CTF server where teamplay "activates" itself.

Thankfully it still happens at peak times - I had a great series of team matches the other night on a server with 12-15 people playing until a hacker showed up and most left. If "Team Arsenal" catches on on the more-populated Arsenal servers, it at least gives those of us who prefer not to play Free-For-All options.

I'm planning on starting events of stuff like everyone vs me and stuff like that on my server. You may be interested on that in the future once I start doing them.

Our server has teamplay disabled for DM as I've always felt FFA plays better for GE:S, but we still have CTF as a teamplay mode, and I'm working on adding Uplink back in, too.

I agree with you that the server list is kinda in a bad shape right now and there's no variety, having only Arsenal and LTK (Team Arsenal doesn't really add to the variety I'm afraid), leaving no room for those that want a "normal" experience, but hopefully I can get a community around my server again like we've been doing for the past decade.

I enjoy playing DM on your server whenever it is populated; always attracts a good crowd.

I'm all about variety and balance - makes any game better. I remember people started leaving MOH:AA Spearhead almost overnight by the thousands when the server list went from a variety to mostly modded / non-standard servers, after years of it being a game that had hundreds of populated servers active at any given time.

I never played this mod before 5.0, although I was always aware of it, but when I first joined this summer after the social media viral takeoff of the 5.0 launch, I immediately fell in love with it - especially the servers that had the built-in rotating variety of game types, and DM / TDM / CTF / MWGG.

Unfortunately it only took a couple of months for a lot of those people who popped in to check it out to start disappearing, although I'm guessing the community retained quite a few "new recruits" like myself who plan on sticking around and playing weekly alongside the veterans.

I love the idea of events / tournaments and it would be awesome if a competitive scene emerged (or re-emerged, not knowing what it's been like over the years) - and if it does (or if there is one that I haven't discovered yet) I'd be happy to join it and participate.


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