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Hello ! i would like to know if someone already worked on a vote for gamemod at the near end of round (since i split my map in 4 round of 5 min) for sourcemod !

something that is edit able in combo mod/weapon vote preset !

having something like

-throwing knife w/ licence to kill
-golden gun w/ deathmatch

i know it can be done by random setting or preset on map cfg but i prefer to let vote settle this up !

when im on the server i sometimes switch the nextround manually for a throwing knife party but i would like this to be able even when im not here but also not pushed to clients !

thanks !

EDIT: I think it would be better if the vote was triggered by users as for a rock the vote

unfortunately i'm not good with scripting but i think it would be a nice idea if it does not already exist !

If my memory isn't just making fun of me, I THINK there used to be a weapon set voter a few years back. I may be wrong though. I do recall seeing a voter to change gravity, enable turbo mode and other stuff.
I'm pretty sure a gamemode vote would be possible since it only has to execute a single command for the next gamemode to be changed, and I wouldn't be surprised if someone made one in the past.

I'd wait for additional replies, I've never hosted a GE:S server myself but I'm pretty sure you could find what you're looking for.

i've seen some talking about it but i did not find nothing relevent yet ! but well if someone know the basics of scripting a plugin and could give me a lead maybe i could be able to do something !

if it is just fetching cvars and poping a vote command it must not be that much complicated !

i searched in the sourcemod plugin page but golden eye source is not listed here soo it make it more difficult to find plugins directly for this game heh

thanks for your reply !

EDIT: maybe rewriting the RockTheVote would be easier as it as already the bases for "users trigger the vote" ! well i'll dive into it and will also keep aware of what comes up !

EDIT 2: just dove in and almost suffocated ! i guess i wont be able to come up with something by myself haha

Hi, I have seen this on servers now, where can I find the script?

It was on word is bond i remmember.

I actually like the classic rotation more as it is now :)


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