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Goldeneye Source VR expereince

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Could this be done?

Perhaps only one room in the Facility level to make it achievable.

Maybe you could check your watch, shoot a few guards, throw a proximity mine.  A quick encapsulation of the Goldeneye 64 experience.

What do people think?

I really looking forward to this feature! There is allready a cool HL2 VR mod out with detachble gun/viewpoint.

Not possible until/unless we go to SDK 2013


--- Quote from: killermonkey on September 02, 2016, 02:52:17 pm ---Not possible until/unless we go to SDK 2013

--- End quote ---

Actually it is possible KillerMonkey. I've done it and do it.

I would love to hear more from htcviveguy on how. I would LOVE to do something in vr with this game if we aren't going to be getting new updates still after almost 4 years.


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