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Is GE:S Still Open Source?


Is GE:S Still Open Source?

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you guys looking for any media help over yonder - video photo graphics whatever, i prefer to be the editing type and not shoot stuff, but i got social media skills that sort of thing i can take on for you this time. you guys tolerated a crazy kid back in the day, like, wheres fourtecks and lo fi they both deserve a drink on me for dealing with young xanatos. anyway been through a bit since graduating college and not just a noob any more, although im not sure what a video editor can do for yall now. cheers and thanks for sticking around, i can remember late 2005 like it wasnt over ten years ago.

Hey Xanantos.

Been ages!

We are doing okay so far.  Social media has expanded greatly since our old launches. So there are a lot of areas to miss easily.   If you have any ideas or tips shoot my a PM, I might drag you into our discord.

Lol Another Day 5.0 confirmed


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