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It's the worst weapon in GE:S. In many situations you're probably better off using your slappers. That right - it's the Klobb! I'm working on a brand new Klobb model.

The Klobb's real-world counterpart is the Vz. 61 Skorpion, a Czechoslovak weapon designed in the late 50's. Like the Desert Eagle and Jackhammer shotgun, I think this is a weapon that has gained more fame through media than through actual use. Though, from what I've seen and read, it seems the Vz. 61 is actually a pretty decent weapon in real life. Rare just decided to make it a joke gun in GE64.

Why the new model? Well, the old one is from the last decade and is pretty outdated by today's standards. It looks chunky and lacks detail. Here's a pic for those who need a refresher. I think the creator of the old model was aiming for something between the real-world weapon and the GE64 model.

I decided to make the new model as close to the real Vz. 61 as I could.

So far I've created a "high poly" model, which is a mesh that has millions of polygons. Then I "baked" a normal map and an ambient occlusion map with a program called xNormal. For those who aren't familiar, a normal map is a texture used to create the illusion of geometric detail. It allows the lower poly mesh, the one that will go into the Source Engine, to look more detailed without punishing your GPU. An ambient occlusion map is a texture which defines what parts of the model receive high or low indirect lighting. You can think of it as showing where the shadows should go and it helps models look more realistic. I've sort of oversimplified things here so feel free to ask questions.

This is the result of applying the normal and AO maps to the low poly mesh. The lower image has a wireframe, showing where the polygons are. There's about 16.7k tris total. These renders are done in Marmoset Toolbag 2.

When I model weapons I pay special attention to how they will appear from the first person camera's perspective since you will see the mesh most often from this angle. The new model isn't yet in game so I've used Marmoset to create a rough preview.

Now I'm going to create the diffuse/specular/gloss textures with the recently released Substance Painter 2. I'll be back when the textures are complete! Thanks for reading.

Rick Astley:
Wow Great Work  Luchador :)


Excellent as always

Update: here it is in the game.

Looking sexy, keep it up Luch.


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