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A little surprise (from your friends back at the barracks)

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This is amazing man!

I've been struggling to make a solid start on a Depot track myself so this is just mind blowing, totally different (and awesome) approach to what I had in mind.

Really glad to see you are still contributing because your tunes have been a massive inspiration to me as far as breaking old habits since I joined the team last year!

Awww Tweaklab, that is so nice of you to say. Thank you very much!

That's why I love making music. I hope to inspire others just a fragment of how I get inspired from great composers!

And don't worry about Depot - I think it is a tough one. I've tried to crack quite a few times too a few years ago but could never make it work. It's just this idea of going into a completely different direction from the original, that made it come to life for me.

Cheers, Yan!


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