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A little surprise (from your friends back at the barracks)

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2015 - the GoldenEye 20th anniversary year is going to end with a big bang!
I'm getting the 'old gloves' back on and I have prepared some things.

I present to you one of the new tracks I've made for GoldenEye: Source

This (and some other musical surprises) will be in the game soon.
It's been great to do something for GE:S again. A project that still holds a very special place in my heart. The first big gig, such amazing experiences, such a great team, a great community, a lot I could learn.

Yannick 'GoldenZen'

Rick Astley:
Very good track :)

I think I go to heaven.

Such great tracks you did Goldenzen. looking for more of it!

Cheers guys! Great to be back for a short visit :)


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