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I'm back with new explosive mine models!

These were made as part of an ongoing process to upgrade all the old weapon models in GE:S. Please know that changing a weapon's model does not change the behavior of the weapon. The difference is purely visual. (Though it is possible that the lights on the timed mine will change according to how much time remains before it detonates. I think the 4.2 timed mine world model just uses an animated texture that doesn't always match up to how much time is actually left until exploding.)

Now you can see the models in 3D for yourself! Click the link below to get an interactive 3D view!

Give the textures some time to load since they are pretty high-res. Thanks!

Rick Astley:
Awesome :D

Very impressed Luch! Hope your project of revamping all of the weapon models goes smoothly!

The Cy:
Luchador the magician strikes again!

Very impressed by the attention to detail, notably on the remote mine. Great work!


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