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[WIP] D5K Deutsche

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This is the high poly work in progress of the MP5K submachine gun, known as the D5K Deutsche in GoldenEye. We've wanted a new model for the D5K for a long time and I'm pleased to show that we've made progress. Next I will make the low poly model and share updates in the future. Modeled in 3ds Max 2015 and rendered in Marmoset Toolbag 2. Thanks!

And of course there's a silenced version as well.

Looks excellent!

Wow! Great job Luch!

The Cy:
it's luchador quality - so beautiful 8)

I know it wouldn't be realistic, but could you make an alternate version where the sight (or whatever the correct term is for the circle at the end) be bigger like in the original? Course if that's a lot of work considering how high poly this model is, and I'd probably be the only one who'd use it, I understand if you don't. For some reason it just looks better to me for it to be bigger, probably too used to the N64 version. Anyways looks amazing, and can't wait for v4.3 to use these and the other amazing new guns models. ;D


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