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I probably won't post here very often since I am still working at my regular day job and doing this guy is the first model work I've done in months, but I love seeing some of the development surge back to life and I think it's good for the community to see what the team is working on. Playing around with this guy, I'd like to use it as a base for male scientists + a future Bond or Jaws if there's time.

In Marvelous Designer. Here's the pattern. It's fun to use when you start getting the hang of it, figuring out how to fold the collar properly was a fun puzzle. I am pretty sure there are buttons in MD I can add but I haven't found them yet, I might just add them later.

Also Jonathan SSL just told me there's some people to rig and I had no idea.  :P I have to get set up with the new git hub.

I really like the fabric on the pants.

As for the male scientists, I am really hoping you do the full white lab coat :D

Yup planning on it. Now with buttons:

The Cy:
awesome, man! I missed your stuff!

I agree with Cy! It's great to see your awesome work again :)


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