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Hello! I've made a new Phantom model for GE:S.

The old model served us well, but that model is several years old now and I thought it needed an upgrade. Also, I wasn't a fan of the folding stock on top. The Phantom of the original GE did not have a stock.

The new model comes in at 5,068 polys with 2048x2048 diffuse, specular normal and gloss maps. It's based on a real world gun called the Spectre M4.

The renders are from a program called Marmoset Toolbag 2. The first person view screenshot is from Unreal Engine 4. The Unreal Engine allows me to see the weapon in a game engine and make changes to it much, much faster than I can in Source. Our great developer kraid will set this model up in the Source Engine for a new release.

I hope you like this new gun model, but if you don't, tell my why and I'll take your criticism into consideration. More new models are on the way.


Ben "Luchador" Colclough

I didn't feel that a new phantom model was needed, but this new model looks great, I would have thought the KF7 or the Sniper Rifle would be getting some love.

The model shows wear and fair use, and has an overall far increased level of detail than the previous model, I like it. The only thing I'm not too keen about is it's color, it seems a tad too grey in my opinion. Don't get me wrong though, this is a beautiful model, but the phantom had a much more "white" vibe than grey in the original. It has a more realistic feel to it, though, I'll give you that!

The Cy:
Awesome new model, but I think namajnaG is right, the grey colour is too strong (in some areas).
Here's the N64 original which shows a white surface on top of the weapon:

Looks great luch!

Regarding the 'whiteness':

I believe the original weapons like the DD44 and Phantom were given bright white highlights / gradients on the texture to represent a grey weapon with a sheen on it. Similarly so, the PP7 and KF7 Soviet also have a white highlight on them to make them look glossy, as they are mostly black. This is really more a case of the limited graphics capabilities of the N64.

Understand that in modern game engines, weapon models will look very different depending on the lighting and the cubemaps which form the environment reflections. That UE4 test level looks like a grey environment with more subtle lighting. The Marmoset renders give a much more accurate impression of how the weapon will look overall and the way lighting will behave on the model.

tl,dr: To me it looks correct.


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