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GoldenEye: Source goes Open Source

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This is it folks. I am pulling the trigger (finally)!

As of today, GoldenEye: Source is now an open source project. I have uploaded our entire code base onto GitHub. This code base aligns with SDK 2013 from Valve and v4.2.4 that was last released (with minor improvements).

All our main code base is under the following folders:

--- Code: ---

--- End code ---

It is still in a pretty rough state since porting over to SDK 2013. There is a lot of work to be done still, but there it is. I will accept pull requests for capability and bug fixes, but not for added features or major revisions of code. Please use GitHub's issue tracker for any known issues you would like to see resolved.

Look forward to an updated contribution and usage license coming soon as well as a list of Valve files we have modified to suit our needs.

This is awesome, hopefully some weight off your shoulders if others contribute to bug fixes

Jonathon [SSL]:
Still trying to get it it to compile (win32)... first I was having a couple of boost issues which seemingly worked themselves out (or something) but now the client compile has a heart attack every time it reaches the libprotobuf.lib stage of compilation.

What VS do you use for GES KM?

Don't compile the "everything" package. Only the games package.

Use VS 2012. Express should work.

Jonathon [SSL]:
Yup, I'm on the games package which resolved those issues compiling the base SDK 2013 I mentioned. I'll give 2012 a try, considering a get all versions of VS free through school XD


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