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GoldenEye: Source - extensive behind the music

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Hi folks,

welcome to my extensive behind the music featurette.

This time you`ll get a detailed glance behind the music of GoldenEye: Source. Watch me as I compose the GoldenEye 007 intro known from the N64, from scratch. Get a lot of intel and secrets.
This might seem a little long and boring but since I`ve never seen any good and detailed James Bond music documentation, I`ve decided to make this.

Part 1:


Actually, I find this very interesting! Being an aspiring musician myself, I'm really interested about the content and the commentary you are providing, And I'm eager to see the next parts!

Thanks - cool you like it.
Since part one was just talking I've decided to upload part two already:

I wish programming was this exciting! I love it :-D

:) Thanks a lot guys, I'm really glad y'all like it.

Here's part 3:


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