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4.2.4 is gonna hit you real hard

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Hi fans, hi loyal community, hi everyone

GoldenEye: Source v. 4.2.4 is gonna be so great - man I can`t wait for it.

To get you in the mood and heat you all up for it, here`s some new material that`s gonna be featured. In brandnew quality, since old GoldenZen spent some time to learn how to make good mastering and bought some new software:



Video teaser:

I can also proudly announce that I`ve remastered all my old songs. They all sound richer, fatter and more "in your face" now.

So stay tuned and you all take care.


Your frigate track will go excellent to the revamp of Frigate :)

Dat caverns...
I can't wait to hear all of your remasters, Sounds amazing!
Thanks a lot for your good work, Once again :)

And holy snap, Frigate's coming back.

Rick Astley:
i think i just experienced what they call Eargasm

Great Job on the Caverns and Frigate Goldenzen sounds fantastic :D

man i cant wait for 4.2.4 :D

Awesome :)


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