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Rodney 1.666:
I realized the decline of the human race and gave up on it a long time ago.
It's one of the reasons I pay little attention to news because it only makes me angry and disappointed.

This topic is deep and I think we have some very insightful people here.

Good luck Mangley! I hope you get your buzz back :)

sorry tl;dr

is this post about how mangley failed at getting laid?


^ not cool.

Just being can be realy hard when social pressure requires you to all kinds of shit in a certain way. Ofcourse one can say "fuck that shit", but then we don't even dare traveling further then the supermarket.

But as we get older, we find out first that teenage thinking is rediculous and that we can become who we are and define what adulthood means, since we are becoming adults ourselves.

I know exactly what Basstronix means, and it can make you popular and liked, but you can't climb higher than that when you do it.

I figured that teenaging is just one of the many stages in life. Childhood is blissfull, teenageing is cruel reform and adulthood is a challange that can be either very motivational or plain unmotivational (depending on which way in life one chooses).

Why else are drugs so popular among inteligent young adults? Because they want to go back to their blisful stage in life as an escape from reality.

And then there are the times. There are times with no creativity, like 2000-2009, total rebellion (90's), coolness (80's), laidback (70's) and moral adventure (60's). I think we are returning to the 60's right about now, so not all is lost.



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